May 13, 2013

Tots Get Busy; Sensory Bottles

I'm in love with sensory bottles. They are so, so easy to make (I literally use any small objects I find in the house + empty bottle + super glue), engaging for kids to make and to look at. Heck, I even find myself sitting there turning them over and over looking at the options magnified through the bottle. We have been making a lot of them lately since it keeps the kids busy and entertained. 

Concentrating so hard!

For this one we used leftover arts and craft materials we had; pom poms and googly eyes!

Loved it.

Noelle and I were bored this weeked and decided to make a sensory bottle with a variety of pasta!

She had a field day sticking those long noddles through the bottle!

Here comes the penne and the macaroni!

The best thing about the pasta bottle was that the longer the day went on, the larger the pasta got, and the fettucine noddles became soft and moved around the bottle like large ribbons!

Here are some more awesome sensory bottles that we want to make soon:

As seen on inlieuofpreschool.

As seen on

 As seen on

As seen on mylittle3andme.

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