May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I did have a few demands this year for Mother's Day and Joey, being the great husband he is, did oblige. I got to sleep in today, which was glorious. I then woke up to a clean kitchen, with no one in sight. I Skyped with my mom first thing. Then I enjoyed a leisurely slow, quiet, breakfast as I browsed the internet uninterrupted and then took an extremely obnoxious long shower. Then my loving husband and beautiful daughter came home, Noelle carrying in a card and an US Weekly magazine! I love them so much.

Daddy even filled the card with $$ so mommy can go get a (much needed) haircut! Thank you honey.

So cute, and daddy says that she picked the card out all by herself!

Only a mother would think this is adorable and worthy of keeping for the next 20 years. :) I am said mother.

That's great mom. Glad you liked it. Can I watch Elmo now?

After that we went over to Joey's brother Nik's house for a BBQ with the family. Noelle had a blast playing with her cousins and we all enjoyed the beautiful day. 

Watching Ray, Parker, Gracie and Nik play baseball.

Okay, enough watching. Let me do this.

Having a little Pop Tart picnic break.

Spending some time with my favorite girls.

Pop Tart face.

After Nik's we went home and Noelle and I took a nap together in our big bed. It was sweet. Afterwards I got up and met up with my good friend Dawn for some late night munchies and Dr. Pepper's. We got a deserved night to ourselves and really enjoyed it.

What a beautiful, nice day. Thank you to my family, Dawn and especially Joey for making the day wonderful. 

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