May 13, 2013

MN Tot Spots - Pump It Up (Ham Lake)

A couple weekends ago we had the pleasure of celebrating Anya's (one of my past nanny baby's) third birthday party! She held it at Pump It Up, where I have been meaning to take Noelle to! It was a great birthday party, with time spent in the play arena and time in the party room. The play arena was huge and had inflatable mazes, a bouncy house to jump in and a few different slides. They also had smaller toddler toys out too, which was nice for Noelle because she was pretty hesitate about going on the inflatables. She and I did manage to go down the tallest slide together, but she thought once was enough! I think in about a year or maybe even less than that, she will be able to really fully enjoy Pump It Up. Anya, who used to be a pretty hesitate baby herself, was all smiles and running around like crazy. Oh what a couple years does!

Mother, where have you taken me?

Noelle specifically wore a Dora shirt for the occasion because we knew that Anya LOVES Dora.

This cozy couple was about the only thing she really enjoyed there. She sat in it for majority of the party!

Honk honk!

Birthday girl Anya having a blast!!

Blowing out the candles! Happy Birthday Anya!!

Noelle decided that she was going to have a melt down unless I let her eat her pizza just like all the older kids. 

Who needs their pizza cut up? Not me.

Who need a high chair? Not me.

Who can eat an obscene amount of cake? ME!

Watching Anya open up her presents. Here she is opening her present from Noelle; a Dora doll, Dora sippy cup, Dora undies and a Dora coloring book!

Can't have enough Dora!

Thank you for letting me come crash and cry at your party and eat all your cake!
Happy Birthday Anya!!

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