May 17, 2013

April Snowstorms...Bring Summer?!

Goodness. This week was amazing in weather. (Up until today of course! Why wouldn't it rain for the weekend?) We had the most beautiful days with sunshine, a breeze, and even heat. It was awesome. Especially after the longest winter, it was about time the weather started coroporating. The kids and I were outside for 80% of the day, every day. After breakfast we ventured out to various parks, then would come home to have lunch (if we didn't have a picnic outside), take a snooze, then returned outdoors.  We made it out to the zoo as well, on one of the warmest days!

Evan was so excited to see a real life train pass the park this week. Noelle would have liked it too if she hadn't fallen down and scrapped her knee from running with fear from the train's roar!

Amery swinging!

Noelle loves the slide!


We brought some chalk and also our sand toys to play in the large sand pit!

Lunch time! We love having picnics.

This was both of them going "Cheeeeese" with their mouths full.

Truman wanted to go up into the fort with Noelle!

Amery playing in the tent...still just too little for all that sun and heat!

On a chillier morning, playing hard!

Here we are at Como Town on Thursday. Evan was trying out the big firefighter boots!

On the train! Noelle and I were riding behind him!

Here is Evan riding the cars...Noelle simply would not join him although I think she would have liked it!

Evan didn't want to go on this ride but I had already paid, haha.

Watching zebras!

All the animals are out now at Como Zoo which is awesome! No more going in and out of buildings!

We ran into our friend Sonny at the zoo! What a surprise!

"The lion tiger sleeps tonight..."

The puffin danced in front of us for at least 3 minutes...the kids loved it!

Another picnic!

All the kids were passed out on the way tired!

Another day, another trip to the park!

Wednesday afternoon I had some water babies on my hands!

So much fun!

The both came running in when they heard me blending up fruit smoothies in the blender. This is what I turned around to find, haha.

Hopefully now all of the bad weather is behind us and we get some more sunshine and heat! It's going to be a fun summer!

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