May 13, 2013

All Things Dance

Everyone who knows us knows, we are part of a dancing family. Joey danced as a youngin' and even went as far as competing on Star Search (basically old school America's Got Talent for any of you who aren't old enough to know) multiple times, his stepmom Michele owns and teaches one of the nation's best studios (Larkin Dance Studio), and all but one of our nieces dances today. So naturally we are very involved with dance and will be putting Noelle in her first dance class (Mommy & Me) this summer! We're so pumped! Anyways, until then we have just been participating in our family's dance activities, including a little dance photo shoot and going to some of Ellie and Ava's competitions. Here are some recent pictures from our dancapades. 

Noelle LOVES to watch dance. When it's on TV she will stop everything that she is doing and stare. She also loves to watch dance at the studio, so you can bet that at the competition she was awestruck.

Noelle and Grandma Shel walking around at the competition.

This would be the equivalent of a candy store. Maybe even better!

With cousin Ellie after she rocked it on stage!

Joey's good friend John's daughter also dances at the studio, so we were able to watch some of her dances as well! 

Enough of watching...

...I came to dance!

Having too much fun.

Time for ballerina watching!

Here is a picture of Noelle (a tad sleepy) at another competition, with Joey's friend Jason's son - Sonny. Joey and Jason danced together at the studio back in the day. It's going to be so fun if both our kids dance! Future duet partners? ;)

Here we are last Friday up at the studio, about to get Noelle's pictures taken with Ellie, Ava, and Vivi in their dance costumes!

Will you just look at Vivi? Oh my goodness. Cutest thing ever!!

The girls being silly before getting professional.

Ava's seriously cute costume.

See that little yellow splash in there? Yes, that is Miss Vivi posing alongside Ava. Such a diva!

Adorable! She sassed me a few times for calling her monkey a gorilla though. ;)

Noelle was being bribed to smile for the photos, but not even a purple ballerina hippo could talk her into smiling.

We tried to get a photo of Vivi and Noelle with their stuffed animals, but Noelle, like usual, was having none of it. 

I eventually had to leave the room altogether because she wouldn't leave my side! So I didn't get any snapshots of the final product, but cannot wait to see it! Here are some snapshots of Noelle doing the photoshoot last year...before she really knew what was going on! Haha.

As she gets older, we are getting so excited for her to begin dance! Of course, we would never push her if she wasn't interested, and we want her to do whatever she wants...but of course I'm dreaming of having a little ballerina! ;) We will see what happens when she starts dance class in 3 months!

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