April 26, 2013

Tots Get Crafty - Spring Crafts!

Evan working hard on his Rainbow collage!

Awesome activity for working on sorting colors, as well as gluing. Noelle wasn't really that into it. After gluing three pieces she said "See ya!"

Evan's final result! I'm dorky and proud!

Amery, Evan, and Noelle's handprint flowers! Such a pretty garden. I love it!

Evan's umbrella!

Miss Noelle's umbrella.

The fridge display right now. (I always stick their most recent art on the fridge. It usually coordinates with the season/holiday.)

Pretty fingerpainted tulips!

I finally had to make an "art wall" for all of the art and crafts we've done in the last few months. It's too hard to part with their cute creations!

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