April 1, 2013

Tots Get Busy; Shapes & Colors!

The kids have been working so hard on their shapes and colors and we are seeing amazing results! Evan, who 5 months ago did not know any of his shapes now can recognize circle, rectangle, square, oval, teardrop, heart, star and triangle! So proud. And little Noelle can recognize circle and star! As for colors, Evan knew roughly 2-3 colors when I started working with him and now recognizes all of the colors in the rainbow, plus gold, silver, pink and brown! Noelle currently knows green, blue, and pink. We are moving along great. I've been working mostly with Evan, since he is a bit older, but if Noelle is around I'll pull her in for some lessons too. Ways that we have been working on shapes and colors include: books, shape sorters, shape and color stickers, DVDs, and just drawing and talking about shapes and colors. Here are two super simple activies that I used with shape stickers that worked really well with Evan.

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