April 30, 2013

The Big, Fat, Family Wedding!

Last week was a busy one, starting off with us attending Joey's cousin, Jeremy's wedding! We all got dolled up, Noelle included, and headed out to Five Event Center in Uptown for a fun, fancy, family filled night!

Noelle was wondering where we were headed off to!

Our pretty little niece Vivi was the flower girl! And what a pretty one she was!

Vivi, Heather, Nicole, Noelle and me.

Sweet Harrison was the ring bearer!

Grandma Sue with her two baby girls.

Vivi and Harrison did a wonderful, cute job!

Here comes the bride!

Jeremy and Katrina's ceremony was lovely.

Great Grandma Libby and Noelle bonding.

The fellas! Nik, Jim, Cory, Joey and Don.

Erin, me, Sue, Susan and Staci.

Harrison and Noelle!

Jeremy and Katrina's cute donut table. (Jeremy's favorite.)

Us at dinner, Noelle did really well!

Done eating...time for a little iTouch and people gazing.

The couple's grand entrance.

Vivi had enough, haha.

Donut #1.

Oh my.

With Uncle Nik!

With Auntie Susan. (Who gave her donut #3. Oh man.)

With daddy on the dance floor. First ones out!

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