April 26, 2013

MN Tot Spots - Tots Return To The Museum

Seriously, as a Minnesota resident I don't know what could be better than being a member at the Children's Museum if you have kids. This place is a gold mine for any kids under age 8. Noelle and Evan love this place, and so do I! We went again a couple weeks ago and checked out some of the exhibits that we didn't get to explore last time we were there. We also got to check out the circle exhibit before it leaves the the museum! 

Circles, circles, circles. This was a pretty good exhibit and I want to take Noelle there one more time before it's gone. I think a little one on one time with her there would be fun as well as educational. It was a little hard for me to get all teacher on her with two other kids to look after.

Noelle with her beloved flowers. She just loves those things!

Evan exploring and discovering. I love this place!

Playing doctor.

Was your hands Evan!

Amery and I, with a sad Noelle in the background.

Color sorting!

Noelle loves these discovery boxes!

A little pit stop for fruit snacks and water.

Back to Isa's garden!

Lighting up the night sky! Very cool.

Baby Jaguar! We meet again!

Not too sure about that Dora...

"Shush Dora. Don't speak."

Amery having a blast in the Habitot exhibit.



Had a blast, as always.

Sometimes I wonder if they would have just as much fun if I just let them roam the Wells Fargo building and skyway!

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