April 26, 2013

MN Tot Spots - Monkey House

Monkey House in White Bear Lake is a fairly new establishment, only a few months old. I loved it. Who doesn't love a new, clean place for their kids to play at? It reminds me of Pump It Up but a little more little kid friendly. For $6.50 you get a large room full of inflatable bouncy houses, games, mazes and a giant slide. Also a foam pit, a playground, swings, bouncy balls and a net to climb. Evan was in heaven. Amery even had fun at the little baby area. Noelle...well, she was another story. I don't think that she was too young for the place per say, but I think she was very overwhelmed the time we went. We happened to come on a day where there was a group of 40 preschoolers there. She's a sensitive toddler, so whenever an older kid accidentally pushed her over, or knocked themselves into her she flipped out. I think if the place had been less crowded she would have enjoyed herself more. I thought the place was great myself, and so close to home. I definitely plan on bringing the kids back but next time I think I'll call ahead to make sure they don't have any large groups coming in!

Evan going down the large slide. He loved it and went on it repeated times!

Noelle felt safer playing with the balls.

Noelle and Amery building with foam blocks.

Our buddy Harrison joined in on the fun! Thanks for meeting us there buddy!

Just chilling.
Can't wait to return!

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