April 26, 2013

MN Tot Spots - MOA Toddler Tuesdays

So Mr. Evan loves Umizoomi. Obsessed. So when they were going to be at MOA for Toddler Tuesday we made it out there. We've been to Toddler Tuesday once before and I have to say it's not amazing but certainly something to do. The perks are that a lot of restaurants and fast food places offer free kids meals with an adult purchase, and there are lots of coupons and deals. At Nickelodeon Universe you can get an amazing deal on tickets if you come on Toddler Tuesday. 

The downside is that a million people are there and most of the events are Meet and Greets. For example it was Lalaloopsy the week before Umizoomi and this week it was Wonder Pets. Meet and Greets are awesome, but the waiting is not. The lines are long...and those darned characters for some reason need a half hour break in-between sessions. I get it, they have to pee and they have to get out of their humongous costumes, but come on! There's only two Meet and Greet times and they are each only 30 minutes, so you think you could just hold your pee for an hour to meet all these young, demanding, bored, whiny children? Anyways, they couldn't, therefore I had to wait in line with the kids for - wait for it - a full hour before we met Milli and Geo for 60 seconds. I decided at that point that I would never bring the kids to a Meet and Greet again, which is unfortunate but for all of our sakes, it would be wiser to skip it. Here are pictures from our trip.

Evan was so excited to meet the Umizoomi characters the whole morning, and then the second he was next, he froze! It was completely starstruck and couldn't;t even move! We had to coax him up there!

Noelle was not having it, at all. She was beyond terrified, although while in line she was pointing at them and smiling.

At least Evan met his idols.

Afterwards we did some good 'ol Barnes and Noble. Probably should have just gone there to begin with.

The special day complete with a Happy Meal!

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