April 7, 2013

MN Tot Spot: Wild Rumpus

The kids and I ventured out to the Wild Rumpus book store this past week to see what all the hype was about. I had heard of the store a few times from various people. In a nutshell it's a children's bookstore that has animals roaming around. I thought it sounded fun so we headed out there! I was a little disappointed to find out that many of the animals were not actually roaming around, but rather in cages, but the kids still had fun. They did have the cat and chicken out on the floor and the kids had a good time following them around. It's a rather small store though and it was very busy when we stopped by, so we didn't stay too long. I'd love to go back with the kids when they have story time there, which I've heard is really fun.

The kids entering through the small door on the door. I loved this, so cute!

Evan loved the cat!

Noelle lounging and reading.

The store was pretty cute with lots of different, unique, hard to find books and had toys and art projects too.

I found the chicken mama!

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