April 7, 2013

Family Time

As some of you already know - my great aunt passed a couple weeks ago, therefore I had a lot of extended family come visit - some meeting Miss Noelle for the very fist time!

Us with my Uncles Tran and Thien.

With Aunt Christine.

Although it was for a sad reason, it was really nice to see my famly and it was awesome for them to meet Noelle. Of course the best thing about those sad days was having my mom in town! Noelle and my mom bonded a lot those few days as my mom stayed with us. Noelle was spoiled rotten with undivided attention and love. Noelle hadn't seen my mom since she turned one, which was 5 months ago so we were a little worried that she may be hesitate at first but we were surprised and relieved that she knew who my mom was right away! She said "gama" and went right to her and was attached to her the whole time my mom was here. Thank goodness for the technology these days - Skype has been good to us!

Everyone over for some dinner.

Three Generations.

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