April 7, 2013

17 Months

New or noteworthy:
She can go down and up stairs now, all alone. And she is fast!
She has musical preferences. She tells me "No, no, no..." until I change a track in the car.
She repeats pretty much everything, yet at the same time she speaks in her own language.
Noelle loves climbing at the playground and going on the slide by herself.

Amery, Evan and Noelle.

Noelle and Evan riding the John Deere!

Current loves:
Elmo. The Wiggles. Music. Dance. Ballerinas. Stuffed animals. Dogs. Babies. Books. Painting and coloring with markers. Trains. Playing outside.

New words/phrases:
"Dawyougo." - There you go. She says this every time she hands us anything. She caught us off guard the first time she said it and it's hilarious every time. 
"Ohhh no!" and "No no!" - Says this constantly. 
"Bankie." - Blankie.
"All gone!" When she finishes her food.
"Down!" When she wants to, obviously, get down.

Been eating blueberries like candy. Can eat a whole bowl in a sitting. Loves Annie's fruit snacks. Chugs milk. Loves greek yogurt.

With "Malmo (Elmo)." A couple weeks ago I thought she was saying "love you mama, love you mama" and I was so excited. Then I realized she was saying "love you Malmo, love you Malmo."

When Joey saw this picture he asked Noelle if she dumped the crayons out. She said "No." When he asked her who did it she replied "Mama" and pointed at me.

Noelle watching the fruit train:

At the cabin with her babies!

On Easter!

At Como Zoo!

Impatient. Hesitate. Careful. Safe. Nurturing. Sweet. Quiet. Calm.

Reading at the Wild Rumpus.

Carries around a blanket every where.
Obsessed with her pacifier.

My mom came this month and stayed with us - Noelle had a great time with Grandma!
Noelle stayed with Grandma Sue at the cabin for a weekend. First trip away from us!
We went to Como Zoo - Noelle had so much fun seeing the animals.
We went to Choo Choo Bobs. She loved it.
We went to Wild Rumpus

Playing skee ball at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Going on a little ride with Gavin!

Love you Boo Boo!

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