March 19, 2013

Tots Get Crafty; Stone Plaques

The kids had fun last week making these stone plaques out of pieces of sturdy cardboard and some various pieces of mosaic stones. You can find bags of stones for pretty cheap at craft stores. I happened to have an extra bag laying around our house form making mosaic stepping stones last year so we used those with some tacky glue. Using stones from crafts stores is nice because usually all the pieces have been rounded or sanded down so there are no rough or sharp edges to hurt the kids. Although, of course, you should be closely supervising them the whole time. They had a good time even though I had tons of glue to scrap and wash off afterwards! It was worth it though because it was a good hands on project for them and their pieces ended up looking really cute! Now the plaques are sitting over the sink downstairs so they can see them every time they wash their hands after art and crafts!

A close up of Evan's plaque.

Evan and Noelle's masterpieces. 

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