March 21, 2013

Tots Get Busy; Play-Doh Activities

I really hate Play-Doh. There I said it. It gets all over, it sticks in the carpet, it gets under everyone's nails, etc. yet we play with it almost on a daily basis. I would just put an end to the whole thing but the kids just love Play-Doh. And it's been a really good way to entertain them this cold winter, as well as a good learning tool. It allows them to get creative, work with textures, work on their motor skills, and I've even thrown in some lessons on colors, letters, animals and shapes with the Play-Doh as well. As much as I desipse Play-Doh, I have to sheepishly admit that it's a household stable for anyone with toddlers.

I found them a pack of play-doh for super cheap at Marshalls and a set of tools at Lakeshore.

I really scored when I found a gently used play-doh table at Once Upon a Child that came with a bunch of dough cutters, tools, and accesories all for $10!

The kids play at this table, every single day. 

Yes, that's one of those grow hair toys that we used to play with when we were kids!

The kids have fun doing even the weirdest things with play-doh, like sticking pipe cleaners through it. Simple fun, but really helps with fine motor skills.

We stamped with letters today! 

I also found a great deal on this Elmo Shape play-doh toy that makes shapes and has two modes on it. In one mode, Elmo will tell you which shape you are creating and will count how many shapes you've made. In the second mode, Elmo will ask you to make certain shapes, like "Make me a shape with three corners" and will tell you if you were right or wrong. I found this toy retailed at $20 for $8 at Half Price  books!

If you have anymore ideas on how to use play-doh let me know!

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