March 6, 2013

Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen new things about our sweet sixteen month old:

1. Noelle has gotten very opinionated. Tosses the books that she doesn't want read to her. Easily shakes her head and answers 'no' to anything non-appealing to her.

She loves to play outside!

2. She has become a creature of habit and structure. Takes naps at the same time every day, snacks at the same time and goes to bed on the dot. She also prefers to have a yogurt and Cheerios every morning with berries and wants a peanut butter sandwich with a banana and a veggie pouch every day for lunch. (Everyday I hear "Nana? Nana?" until I get her the damn banana.) While we mix in other foods, and she will try them, these two are her stable go-to meals when everything else fails.

3. Noelle is now obsessed with stairs. She has taught herself how to go down them, so now it's up and down all day. Weird sort of related fact? While she loves stairs; she HATES elevators. Whenever she is in one she freaks out. This month when we went to the Children's Museum and MOA, we had to ride the elevator several times, and every time, she would be frantic. When stairs were an option, every thing was fine again.

4. She thinks the funniest thing in the world is to hide in corners and behind furniture. She really believes that we will not find her, and laughs the whole time, until we come get her. 

5. Speaking of corners...Ever since she almost fell off the toilet, she no longer wants to sit on it. She now goes into her favorite corner to do her business in private, then comes to find me for clean up. If I ask her to sit on the potty she repeats no and shakes her head profusely until we leave the bathroom.

Video of Noelle "hiding." Girl has a lot of patience.

6. Noelle is obsessed with brushing her teeth. She would brush them all day if we let her. All she does it suck all the water and toothpaste off her brush then chews on the brush but it's a start.

7. Noelle has gotten aggressive. She and Evan fight quite a bit - the way siblings do - and while majority of it is fine, expected, and probably good for them, some of it brings out a scary side of her. When she is angry, she grinds her teeth with her fists clenched and then attacks Evan. Her favorite form of abuse is smacking upside the head. And unfortunately for Evan, it happens frequently. While he's no angel himself, (he loves to push Noelle over for no reason) it's hard to see your angel become a beast in front of your eyes. We're trying to reign in the beast by teaching her "gentle touches," and making her hug and say sorry after each attack. I wonder where she got that temper from. Hm.

Hanging out with Evan!

She loves getting her ears cleaned! Totally her dad's daughter - clean freaks.

8. Noelle has some new favorite words, and most of them start with the letter B. She now says these words on a regular basis: bye bye, boots, boo boo (peek-a-boo), boon (ballon), blue, green, cheeeeese (for pictures), Amy-me (Amery), uh no (oh no!), peas (please), and our favorite - tutu (thank you).

Having a blast at Sea Life!

9. She can identify eyes, ears, head, mouth, feet, and nose. Also, mommy's glasses.

10. Her favorite thing ever: running around the mall. There's something about all that space and freedom that drives her wild. 

11. She now helps us get her dressed (holds out appropriate arm or leg) but is no where enthused about it. She has a look on her face like "Sigh. Clothes? Again? Why me?"

At the Dora exhibit at The Children's Museum.

12. Noelle shows some signs of athleticism. She rolls, kicks and throws balls - pretty well actually. She also likes to dance (stomp her feet and walk in circles) and jump (still not getting any air). 

13. Her favorite song is "The Wheels on the Bus." She helps me out with the lyrics by contributing wiper movements, putting her fingers to her lips and says "shhh," cries "wah, wah, wah," and jumps up and down during "the people on the bus go up and down."

14. Noelle is obsessed with stacking. She stacks cups, boxes, blocks, DVDs, etc. She can stack well over 6-7 blocks with good balance. She gets super frustrated when her towers fall over and starts again. Over and over. Along with stacking she likes to sort things, and put her toys away, then take them out and re-put them away. Multiple times. Signs of OCD? Maybe. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Vroom vroom! In the John Deere.

15. She points to objects when asked by name (ex. clock, door, window, couch, TV, animals in books, etc.) in books and real life. While she doesn't speak a lot, she sure seems to listen.

Still play's with her castle from Santa every single day!

16. She has gotten so loving. She runs to Joey and I with bright eyes, big smiles and wide arms every day and loves to give kisses. She kisses all her babies and bears each night and also kisses my parents via Skype every time we talk to them. She is nurturing and already motherly. She likes to pet Joey on the head and lean on him, and she likes to hold onto my leg when we are in public. She also loves both of us to hold her hands when we are walking together. While she's not a big cuddle person, she still loves to sleep with us and on us. She also blows kisses all the time, to almost anyone.

Muah! Kisses for baby jaguar!

Hard to believe that in a couple months she will already be a one and half year old. She seems to be growing physically and developmentally over night! Every week she has some new skill, or word, and just blows us away. (As first time parents, we get a kick out of almost anything.) It's been really, really fun and rewarding. It's also been exhausting, and scary. She's becoming such a little person and it's really bittersweet. Here's to the next month, where we are sure, she will amaze us some more.

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