March 1, 2013

MN Tot Spot - Nickelodeon Universe

Gaotah and I decided to head out to the mega mall once more with the kids to go to Nickelodeon Universe this past Thursday. While Evan had a blast, and enjoyed himself on every ride he went on, Noelle wasn't quite as happy. We've come to the conclusion after she went on a few rides (all seriously slow by the way) that she just isn't a ride person. Even sitting on my lap or next to me, on the slowest ride, she still whines until she's off. She had a great time though walking throughout the park and loved our little stop at Lego World before lunch!

Holding hands as we make our way through the mall.

Even with all the rides and attractions, the kids always are drawn to those quarter rides!

EVan was super excited to go on the Wonder Pet's "Flyboat."

Evan was the youngest one on the ride, but he loved it! He giggled throughout the ride and was excited to be with Linny, Tuck & Ming Ming (the Wonder Pets)!

Up high!

Here's Evan and Gaotah on the little train roller coaster! Hands up!

Evan had a blast, although it was too fast for Noelle. She and I watched instead. 

Us getting ready to go on the hot air ballon ride!

Evan and Gaotah!

Mommy and Noelle. She was a tad bit concerned about the lift off.

I couldn't help but to laugh...she hated the ride!

Evan and I ready to go on Swiper's ride!

This ride was actually pretty fun, even for me. Evan and I were cracking up whenever we had a sharp turn. 

Evan, super excited to go on Dora's Azul train ride!

This was the really slow ride that I thought Noelle would enjoy...she didn't. 

Evan and Gaotah on Diego's bus ride!

Noelle was much happier watching!

Evan and Gaotah on the carousel! Another ride that Noelle didn't want to go on, although she could have handled it. 

Right before the ride started Evan decided he would rather ride the pig...

Having a great time!

Evan's last ride...Blue's Clues! There he is on Blue!

Going up higher and higher!

"Finally! Something I like!" - Noelle at Lego World.

At the end of the day, I'm glad we went because 1. Evan had a wonderful time, 2. it was worth the experience to know what it was all about . We probably won't go again anytime soon but it was overall fun. Noelle was just not that into it, and given some time and age, I think she will love it. The kid's love Nick Jr. so Noelle was excited to see familiar characters...I think a year from now she will have just as much fun as Evan did.

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