March 1, 2013

MN Tot Spot - Maplewood Mall

Good old malls. There is a reason why they are so popular, besides the shopping; They are super convenient for people with toddlers! It never ceases to amaze me how much the kids love to go to any mall, anywhere, to do, relatively nothing! I took the kids to Maplewood Mall today to kill two hours and they had a blast. Sometimes I wonder why I even spend money on them when they are so clearly easily entertained! 

The kids loved these quarter rides! They have them scattered all over the mall, almost in every hallway!

While most malls offer a children's play area, Maplewood's is pretty impressive. With super padded floors, tons of quarter rides, a photo booth, and next to the food court (which holds tons of flat screens that play music) you couldn't really ask for a better free place to bring your kids. I like that they also have a little reading area, with a kid sized couch and a bunch of free books to browse. They also have a nice, large diaper changing table with wipes! I've never seen that before in a play area. (Usually they have the koala bear changing tables that fold into the wall.) They also had some "thinking toys" as I like to call them - toys that are a tad bit more engaging than just the play ground stuff themselves. They have a few maze toys, a chalkboard, and a distorted mirror to name a few.

There's also the carousel and Barnes and Noble. We of course had to hit up the bookstore, since the kids always have fun there.

Noelle found her beloved Elmo!

Noelle however, hated the carousel although it was super slow and there was nothing intimidating about it. I went with the kids, and while Evan could have gone on it three more times, Noelle was having none of it. It's also a little steep on the pocket book, going at $2 per ticket, but I suppose if $2 makes a kid happy - and it's the only thing you have to pay for all morning, then why not!

The funniest part, was out of everything we did, the kids LOVED the quarter rides by the play area the most and wanted to go there AGAIN after we went to the bookstore. Even more funny is that they were satisfied with just climbing and sitting in them...I didn't even have any quarters with me! How's that for free entertainment?

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  1. Thanks for all the pictures and descriptions. I was looking for indoor play area for my 3 1/2 yr old.


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