March 21, 2013

MN Tot Spot - Maplewood Library

Oh man. These Ramsey County libraries are amazing! I've also lived in Hennepin County and have gone to numerous of their libraries, and although those libraries are nice too, nothing beats Ramsey County. Shoreview library offers an awesome, intimate Baby & Me story time that echos ECFE classes, but for free! Then Roseville library offers an amazing and large children's area complete with a large playroom with tons of sensory toys. New Brighton offers a huge selection of children's DVDs and has an awesome magnetic board that Noelle loves. And now, the next gem...Maplewood library! We went there for the first time today and I couldn't believe I hadn't been here sooner. This library is beautiful, modern, and so kid centered!

They have an amazing selection of new picture books - many that I had never seen before and I've gone through LOTS of books at Roseville! I found awesome song books for the kids today as well as huge, beautiful, brand new picture books that were all recently published! So impressed.

I had no idea but the Children's Museum partnered with Maplewood library and specially designed their children's area! The space had tons of toys very similar to the Museum! And how awesome that it's free!

Here's Evan looking out at the pond, and Noelle sticking veggies on the felt bush.

I spy birds!

The Farmer's Market! So cute.

Honk! Honk!

How cute is this!

Evan at the little Post Office weighing his packages.

Noelle roaming around. Couldn't decide between the cave or the Alphabet Market!

Noelle just loves this thing...

Here she is planting veggies just like how she planted the flowers at the museum. 

This is definitely a kid favorite.

Adorable H house.

It's a growth chart!


Animal sounds!

Another really neat thing here is that on Thursdays at 10:30 they offer "Make & Take Storytime." What they do is read a story or two that have a common theme. Then they have all the materials for the group to make an art project that relates to the theme and then the kids get to take it home! For example today the kids got to make little bunny rabbits that they could tie to their shoes, and had little bells on them so they jingled every where they walked. So awesome. The resources we have for our kids nowadays is amazing. 

Seriously, we will be here all the time!


Here I am seeing my great aunt, Yen Tran for the first time since she had passed away four days earlier.

Her funeral was a traditional Vietnamese ceremony. We had monks come from the Vietnamese temple to do her blessings.

With my Uncle Thien.

With my cousin Titi. 

Here we are before closing the coffin. One last reading.

Placing flowers on her and saying our last goodbyes.

Closing of the coffin.

My Uncle Thien pressed the button that would cremate my great aunt.

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