February 2, 2013

The Nanny. (No, Not Fran.)

I was laying in bed last night and I couldn't sleep because I was thinking of all the kids that I used to nanny, and I was thinking about how much I missed them and how blessed I've been to be able to be part of their lives. Seriously! It sounds cheesy but honestly, I'm that sentimental about my job. I LOVE being a nanny. To me there's possibly no job I would rather have (other than being a kindergarden teacher, and a mother, of course). I was thinking about the last 8 years and the various families I've met through nannying and the friends I've made along the way, as well as the adorable children that I will forever love.

This is just a sappy post dedicated to those kiddos. Here's a walk down memory lane...

Grant (3-6 yrs old).
This was the first family I ever worked for. A widowed single mother and her adorable 3 year old son. I loved, loved, loved Grant. He was a child genius who enjoyed watching CSI and crime shows and was fascinated with books and building things. I took him to the cabin with Joey and I one weekend and it was my first glimpse into what motherhood would hold for me. He used to call me Diane, for literally years, before finally he got it. ;) As the years passed, his mom got remarried and they had a gorgeous little boy Liam who I would get to watch too. Now Grant is a preteen and a heartthrob. Wow, where does the time go?

Ty & Bennet

Ty (4) & Bennet (2.2).
These are my loves! My nephews Ty and Bennet; I spent months with them as their nanny while Heather was pregnant with Vivi and this was the greatest bonding experience I could have ever asked to have with my nephews. We cuddled all day it seems like, and ran around at the park and through the library and decorated lots and lots of cookies. I love them so much, and sometimes I really, really miss those days. I also miss Bennet calling me "Duh-nana."

Connor & Haley

Connor (5) & Haley(3).
Oh these kids were so, so sweet. I miss them every day it seems like. I'm still constantly reminded of them and without them I wouldn't have ever (well, maybe eventually I would have) discovered The Wiggles. Connor was one of the most loving kids I ever nannied. Always hugging and kissing me. And little Miss Haley! That little diva was my partner in crime! We made cookies, played dress up, and hung out while Connor was at his classes. Gosh. I love those kids. I can still hear Haley's voice going "Ana! Ana!"


Anya (8 weeks-18 months).
Anya, my love! I always say Anya was like my first child because she seriously was. I spent so much time with her, bonded with her, witnessed so many "firsts" and loved her with all my heart. I actually still cry when I watch old videos of Anya, which I still have plenty of on my computer! That little girl is a genius, sweet almost 3 year old now! Oh Anya, what I would do to still hang out with you every day...

Harrison & Noelle

Harrison (3 months+).
Oh Harrison! This is Noelle's infamous cousin, who is also her best friend for life. They were born 4 days apart! They spent so much time growing up together I couldn't imagine her life without him. I love Harrison and miss him incredibly all the time. I watched him every week while his parents (our cousins) worked and he would play, sleep, and eat with Noelle. They seriously were each other's first friends.

Frankie Jo

Harrison, Noelle & Frankie Jo

Frankie Jo (3 months+).
My sweet baby! I love Frankie so, so much. She was the sweetest baby in the world and would just sleep all day, and coo and smile when she was awake! I couldn't love another baby more! (Well, I love them all the same...) Frankie Jo could make me smile no matter what. Her chubby little legs and cute little smile could lighten up my whole day! Little Miss Frankie just turned 1 this past weekend. I can't believe it.

Noelle, Amery & Evan

Amery (4 months+) & Evan (22 months+).
These are my current kiddos and I love them. Noelle and I get to go over to their house every day and sing, dance, play, do arts and crafts, and just grow together. Noelle loves Amery so much and plays with Evan like a brother! They fight just like siblings but also play together and ask for each other when they are separated. So, so cute. I couldn't ask for a better family to nanny for right now and feel blessed. Amery is the cutest thing and Evan is full of energy and I love that he's attached to me and calls me "Nina." He's always saying "My Nina! My Nina!"

Evan & Noelle

I love all "my kids." xoxo
Couldn't ask for a better job!

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