February 22, 2013

MN Tot Spots - Sea Life @ MOA

Yesterday we decided to get out of the house and try out the new Sea Life aquarium at Mall Of America. I hadn't been there since it was called Underwater World and heard that it had improved, plus there was a Rainforest exhibit going on. Gaotah and I hauled the kids to the mega mall early in the morning and got there right when the mall opened. Good thing too because there was already a line of people there! (A little tip: if you order your tickets online like I did in advance, they are $15, whereas at the mall they are $20 a piece!)

Poor quality camera, but you get the idea!

The kids were all free since they are all under 2 years old, which was really nice. Especially since the most fun Noelle had was in the beginning when the tanks were low enough for her to touch, and after that she was pretty neutral on the whole experience.

Amery also enjoyed looking at the fish!

Noelle clapped for the sting rays but was too hesitate to actually go up to the tank.

Evan touching the star fish!

Our favorite room! The jellyfish room!

This was pretty cool. Gaotah and I felt like we were in Avatar!

Just chillin.' Why walk when you don't have to?


Going "underwater." This tunnel was awesome.

Mommy & Noelle!

Afterwards we decided to continue our adventures with a lunch at The Rainforest Cafe. This was successful since the kids ate all their food and loved the environment, but was also difficult because every time it "thundered" Noelle was terrified!

Entering the "rainforest."

Having fun!

Thunder = not so fun.


Overall, I thought the experience was alright. I didn't think Sea Life was worth the price, but I understand that they need to make profit and the tanks are amazing. It just wasn't a very long tour (20 minutes) and there was little for little toddlers to get into. Although, with that being said, I think in a year from now the kids would LOVE it a lot more. As for The Rainforest Cafe, this is always a win. Food is good, prices aren't TOO overpriced, and the atmosphere is awesome. The kids loved eating in the rainforest next to the waterfall and underneath the monkeys and birds. If I had more money to spare I would have gotten them some fun and cute gifts at the gift store too! 

Next places to visit: Nickelodeon Universe & Create-A-Bear!

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