February 15, 2013

MN Tot Spots - Minnesota Children's Museum

For Valentine's Day, (with Gaotah's help,) I was able to bring the kids to The Minnesota Children's Museum for the first time. We had so much fun and the kids loved it so much that I think we'll be making this one of our regular spots. I'm also trying to convince Joey that we need a family membership there since Noelle had such a great time! If only there was a place to nap, we probably would have stayed there all day! We were there for 4 hours and only covered 4 exhibits out of 8 - there is so much to see and do!

Our World Exhibit

Noelle picking flowers in the garden.

Amery also liked the flowers!

Now she's planting them. 

Who let the dog out!? Woof woof.

Doing a little grocery shopping at the market.

Sorting colors!

Driving the big 'ol bus!

Noelle pushing all the buttons on the dance showcase!

Gaotah and Noelle checking out some x-rays!

Uh oh, baby needs a checkup!

Better bring her to Dr. Gaotah!

Anyone in the mood for some asian cuisine? Gaotah and Amery are!

"I'll have the egg foo young please."

"Coming right up!"

"Hey! I need more ingredients!"

"I've brought more ingredients!"

"Let me wash my hands first."

Unloading the cart.

How Things Work Exhibit

Turning paper into pulp.

"What's in these?"



Getting dropped off the conveyer belt!

Evan's turn!

"Oh, this is hard work!"

Turning pennies into souvenirs!

Wouldn't be a complete day without face painting!

I can now add "face painter" to my resume. 

Noelle painting Gaotah's face!

"Hmm, that turned out pretty good!"

"Noelle do you want your face painted?"

He was much happier than this picture leads one to believe.

Dora & Diego Exhibit

"Wait a minute...I KNOW these guys!"


"Hi Boots! Do you mind if I pick our nose?"

Evan meets his favorite character!

Astronaut Noelle!

Thrilled astronaut Evan.

Noelle and Evan aboard Dora's rocket ship!

Giving baby jaguar a kiss!


Discovering animals in the rainforest!

Swinging from vines!

Checking out Isa's garden.

Habitots Exhibit (Designed for kids under 4!)

Just taking a breather. All this playing is hard work.

More flowers to plant!


Not scared of heights one bit!

Just resting a little!

Magnetic leaves!

A little lunch after our busy morning!

Yum, yum! Subway!

The kids got a Valentine's Day treat - cookies!

Best. Day. Ever.

Noelle, a little wiped out from the eventful day!

We had such a blast! Cannot wait to do it again!

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  1. I loved this!!! Bring us with next time!!-Heather


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