February 6, 2013

MN Tot Spots - Har Mar Mall

This seems really odd that one of my spots to bring Noelle is Har Mar Mall but this strip mall is awesome. 

1. It's a rather slow and generally non busy mall. It's way less crowded than a normal mall, but offers more stuff and space than a strip mall. This is one of the best places I've gone to where I can let Noelle roam free and run up and down the halls without worrying about her surroundings. There's not enough people there to bother, kidnap her, or for her to get lost. 

2. There's a Barnes and Noble in the mall, where she loves to go play at. She loves books as it is, but they also offer a block table and train sets for the kids to play at. Noelle and I can spend an hour + here.

3. The Pet Shop. This is one of the attractions at the mall that makes us come here. This pet store has tons of puppies, kittens, fish, hamsters, birds, reptiles, etc. for Noelle to look at. They also let you hold the puppies so Noelle loves that. 

4. Marshalls and Home Goods. Okay, okay, you got me, this is more for the parents than the kids, but these are great places to find awesome deals on kids clothes, toys and room decor...so I still consider it a tot spot. ;) But really, more than half of Noelle's wardrobe is from Marshalls and we furnished her whole bedroom from Home Goods!

At Barnes and Noble.

I found the Elmo section!!

"I love you Malmo!"

At The Pet Shop watching all the fishies!

Back at Barnes and Noble. She thinks she owns this place.

Choo choo!

She LOVES the train set!

"See ya mom. Malmo and I are going to the magazines."

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