January 5, 2013

Tales of a Sleepless Family

Our princess is now 14 months, and while she's learning all sorts of new things, some things just don't change...Miss Noelle still doesn't sleep through the night!

She would here and there on sporadic, miraculous occasions but mostly she would sleep for 5 hours then wake up screaming for 10 minutes then roll over to sleep again for another 5 hours. Not bad. This is what we called "sleeping through the night." 

When we went to the Dells, Noelle wouldn't sleep in her pack and play so in desperation we let her sleep with us in our bed. At first it was really sweet and cute. Then after the first hour it wasn't cute anymore. She head butts us in her sleep, slaps us in the face, kicks us, and sprawls out horizontally in between us. She takes up 80% of the bed, while Joey and I try not to fall off. Ever since we've gotten home from the Dells, Noelle still wants to sleep with us. There were no plans on letting her do this, but we couldn't stand her screaming in the middle of the night and let here. Wrong move. She has been sleeping in our bed ever since. 

Friday (last) night was the first night we tried to sleep train her again, in order to get her back to normal. It went bad. She screamed on and off from 3:30 am until 5 am. It was horrible, with her choking and coughing from crying so hard. We wouldn't give in, and instead would go in to check on her then put her back into her crib. She was furious! We're going to try it again tonight and we're not looking forward to it, but the sleeping with us is not working. Not only that but we don't want to bed share with her for very long, in fears that she will never want to sleep in her own room. 

We'll see how tonight and tomorrow night goes! Hopefully we will be back on track by Monday.

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