January 31, 2013

MN Tot Spots - Tropical Adventure (SCC)

The last couple weeks Noelle has been rather sick with bronchitis and a nasty cold, so Evan and I have ventured out into the world without her. One of the places we tried out was The Shoreview Community Center's Tropical Adventure Indoor Playground. It's a decent one, tucked behind the gymnasium. Evan, who is 2, still seemed a tad young for the place (which doesn't have a young child area like some other playgrounds) since the tunnels go up pretty high and the slides are pretty fast but as long as he had me, he enjoyed himself. He would have also enjoyed himself more if a bus full of older elementary school kids didn't come for a field trip. Once the older kids got there, it was chaos! I had to make sure no one trampled over Evan as they chased each other. Poor tot. On the plus side, I had to go through the tunnels, mazes, and obstacles with him and it was a pretty good workout and kind of fun too! It's a really cool designed indoor playground!

A little tot kick boxing?!

Just hanging out!

Climbing all over!


This was my favorite part of the playground...how cool for the kids to really use their imaginations and play!

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