January 6, 2013

I'm 14 Months Today!

New things I do: 
Brush teeth.
Jump. (They are more like squats, I don't get any air.)
Dance. (I just do a combination of jumping and flapping my arms all over the place.)
I get super delirious before bedtime, acting drunk - falling over repeatedly, laughing alone, running into furniture and walls, walking in circles.
I know the concept of coloring now. I don't eat crayons (as much) anymore.

Current loves: 
Tent and tunnel, Little People toys, baby dolls, sleeping in mom and dad's bed, sitting at the big girl table, walking around at the mall, books, books, books!

New dislikes:
Being away from mom and dad. Big separation anxiety!
Sun in my eyes. I freak out.
Being told "no."

New words:
Duck, quack-quack, ruff-ruff, maa (more), ball, voom-voom (vroom-vroom), tuck (truck), sock, Malmo (Elmo), na-na (night-night), nana (banana), clock, tick-tock, malk (milk), cuck (cup), o-ah-ah (in response to monkey).

New favorite foods:
Eggs, string cheese, strawberries, bananas, peanut butter, fruit and veggie pouches, fruit snacks, vanilla soy milk.

23 pounds. (At least.)
32 inches.
Size 4 diapers.
Size 4-5 shoes.
Clothes anywhere from 18-24 months.
7 teeth.

Hood rat.

Still terrible, as usual and always.
On third round of sleep training.
10-11 hours a night, waking up at least once.
1 nap a day, anywhere from 1-3 hours. Not enough.

"Why sleep in a crib when you can sleep in mom and dad's bed?"

Personality traits:
Needy, stinkin cute, funny, whiny.

Love you Boo Boo!

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