January 1, 2013

Ending the Year at the Dells! '12

For Christmas this year Joey's dad and stepmom Michele arranged for the whole family to take a family trip together to Wisconsin Dells for the last weekend of the year. It was a success! All the kids had a lot of fun spending time together, roaming the hotel and had a blast at the indoor amusement park and water park. Noelle was a little too young for some of the stuff, but still had a good time. She probably had the most fun in the hallways and in the lobby! She enjoyed running up and down the halls and walking all by herself around the lobby touching everything. 

Joey and I had a little bit of a tough time getting Noelle to sleep in a hotel, let alone go down for good naps, but she did seem to adjust fairly quickly. The car rides were decent, now that we got a DVD player for the car, the 3.5 hour car ride didn't go quite as bad as we had imagined! Overall it was a good first vacation experience for Noelle!

After we arrived at our hotel.

"Who is that dad?"

Noelle was fascinated by the mural on our wall.

Our home for 3 days!

Noelle made herself very comfortable.

She basically had a whole bed to herself. (She actually slept in it too! Apparently she's too cool for a pack and play.)

Opening one special Santa present, in Grandpa's suite!

A tent and tunnel!! Yay!!

Going into the pool for the first time with Auntie Heather and Vivi!

Going down some slides with mama!

In the lobby with daddy and baby doll. (Doesn't go anywhere without her babies!)

The girls!

Ellie, Noelle, Vivi, Ava and Gracie!

Running down the hallways...

Max and Gracie winning tons of tickets in the arcade.

Rockin the tutu swimsuit in the arcade, haha.



"Vivi, come drive with me!"

Vroom, vroom!

"Look at these giant eyeballs!"

"Whoa...they light up?!"

Walking along the skee ball machines and touching each one...picking up as many germs as humanly possible.

At the amusement park!

Ava and Bennet in one cup, Parker and Ty in the other!

Ava and Ty went on this ride at least 20 times in a row...

Noelle's first ride ever! Going on the Crazy Trolley with Auntie Susan, Vivi and Ellie!

Here we go!

My baby is way up there! Aww...big girl!

In the alien spaceship toddler park.

Watching Gracie, Max, Ray and Ellie on the roller coaster.

Here they come!

Hitting up the bar with the baby.

Grandpa Joe shooting with Ty and Parker.


Look at those lights!

Back to the pool!


Our caricature that we got after the pool.

Getting ready to go to the pool for the third time!

Staci and Heather knitting at the pool. 


Just walkin around with Auntie Susan!

Ty sharing some McFlurry with Noelle!

All the kids on the last night of the trip! Thank you Grandma Shel and Grandpa Joe for the good time!!

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