December 6, 2012

Tots Get Crafty: Fall & Winter

The kids and I have been having lots of fun doing crafts related to the season! I just love fall and winter...the holidays give way to tons of craft possibilities! Here are some of the arts and crafts we have been up to, that have worked very well for their age! 

Amery and Noelle made footprint turkeys because it was too hard to trace their hands but it turned out so cute!

Evan made a large turkey with his traced hand cut outs.

Evan and Noelle waterpainted and then I cut them out to make leaves for our Fall tree!

For our Winter tree we used Evan's handprints!

Evan worked on his fine motor skills as well as gluing skills with this tree. 

We made our reindeers with our traced hand cut outs and fraced foot cut outs.

Although simple, Evan loved, and I mean loved putting his stickers on this large sheet of paper. This kept him busy for a full hour!

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