December 28, 2012

Noelle's Christmas 2012

Hi. Noelle here, reporting from Fort Wagner. We had an awesome Christmas this year. It started the Saturday before Christmas when mom and all my aunties got together to make cookies. They call it a "Cookie Swap." I call it "Give-Noelle-cookies-day."

Mom and Grandma making cake pops. Mmmm...those were yummy!

Voila! Hello heaven!

Ava and Gracie frosting some cookies for me.

This was my second, maybe third cookie. Mom wasn't pleased but I can't help it if everyone wants to give me cookies!

I also went to visit Great Grandma Libby, and her tree...I didn't find any presents under there with my name on them though. Must have been a mistake.

Look at that! Auntie Heather honored me at her Christmas party!

My family likes to sing. They all think they are going on American Idol or something. Here's Grandma Sue and Ellie singing "Call Me Maybe." (Real video footage below! Hehe. I'm sneaky.)

Watching the show with baby.

I love you baby.

With daddy, and another baby. I just love babies.

With mama under the tree. 

With Grandma Sue and all my cousins before opening presents!

"When is it my turn?"

"Yes! Tear it open mom!"

"Whoa...a Dora guitar!"

"You better watch out Taylor Swift."

With Uncle Nik. (Don't mind my mom in the background. However, if you ever wondered where I learned how to throw them back, here is exhibit A.)

Where is my shirt? I also love pigs.

With my new favorite pillow from Ava!

I got Cash a bone. It's inside that extremely creepy Michael Jackson dog bag.

Uncle Cory with his shorts. I don't know why everyone thought they were so funny. I like them. 

"I want to open one now!"

Uncle Cory can be a creeper.

Yes! Another one!

Here Ray is opening up his gift from me. 

I wrapped it myself. Yes. It's in a diaper.

Don't worry - it's chocolate but Ray didn't know that.

He was disgusted. Mission accomplished!

Money inside a diaper. Classic, if I do say so myself.

Cory opening up his gift from my mom and dad.

Grandma thought it was hilarious...

because it was.

Uncle Nik got dad some gas masks...

because daddy is always talking about the chem trails.

My first table and chairs! 

The frames we all made grandma.

My aunties rocking out!

The rink in the backyard! Uncle David did a great job!



Here are the American Idol audition videos:

Ellie & Grandma



That was my big Christmas Eve night over at my auntie Heathers. The next day, real Christmas I got to open up presents at home! I loved all my stuff! I got lots of baby dolls, books, and blocks. 
This was my big present from Santa; A Princess Castle!

All for me!

Opening presents while I Skype with my grandma and grandpa in Texas!

Playing with all my new toys!

Here I am getting ready to go over to my Great Grandma Ethel's on Christmas day for dinner.

A little Christmas wasted.

By the end of the long Christmas weekend, I was exhausted. But I had so much fun and there's still fun to be had! For New Year's my family is going on our very first family Wisconsin Dells! Then when we return we still have Christmas to celebrate at Grandpa Joe's! Santa comes to Grandpa's to deliver us one more special Christmas gift, so I'm excited for that! I'll let you guys know how that all goes after the Dells this weekend!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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