December 31, 2012


I usually don't make resolutions because I never keep them, or I think it's silly to make new goals at the beginning of a year, when one really should be striving for these goals all the time. However since I'm sitting here on NYE reflecting on my year, I guess I do have some resolutions that should be taken in effect sooner or later. Why not now? Here are my resolutions. I only made 4, because I need to be realistic. Anymore resolutions and none will be happening.

1. Stop caring what judgmental people think. I'm usually really good at this. I don't care what others think of my appearance (clearly), attitude, personality or style but I've come to realize that I do care when people judge me on my parenting. I take it personal and get defensive and I finally realized that instead of caring, I should just let it roll right off my shoulders. My mother intuition tells me how to raise my child and frankly, since Noelle is my daughter, I can do whatever I see fit. I shouldn't let judgmental people who criticize other parents be taken seriously, since I have bigger issues (like parenting) to deal with. And really, maybe they should mind their own business.

2. I really need to lose the baby weight. The kid is 14 months now. It's time to get back into the pre-baby jeans already. No excuses. Time to get serious.

3. Let Noelle go more. I'm attached to my daughter. Which is probably why she is attached to me. I know this. I know that I need to cut the umbilical cord already. It's hard. She's my first. She's my only. It's hard but I know that I need to let her go more. I need to get a babysitter more. I need to leave her with other people more. I need to let her go experience without me. I'm not going to always be there in the future and I need to prep her for that (a little bit) now. Sigh. This one is going to take a lot of effort.

4. More date nights. This is necessary. Joey and I can count on one hand how many dates we've had since Noelle was born and that just isn't right. We may be parents but we need to also be husband and wife. This is a big goal of mine this year.

I can do this, right? Dang. Tomorrow's already the 1st. Better get in my last donut...kidding, kidding. Kind of. 

Good night and Happy New Year!

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