December 16, 2012

MN Tot Spots - Roseville Library

What do you do with two bored toddlers (and caregiver) who can't bear to go outside when it's under 30 degrees out but can't bear to sit in the house all day? Well, I'm starting to document all the places and all the things that I do with Noelle and Evan, in hopes of inspiring other bored nannies, mommy and daddies, and other caregivers. 

First documentation? The Roseville Library. This place is not really a hidden gem, but I'm surprised at how many people still haven't ventured out here since their renovation. The library is amazing. The children's section alone is bigger than my townhouse. And gone are the days where one has to be quiet and gets shushed by the librarian when they raise their voice. This place is so kid friendly it's almost ridiculous. This is a place where I'm very happy that my tax money went to (we were living in Roseville the time prior and during the renovation).

For anyone who hasn't checked this place out with their kids, you have to. First off, obviously the selection of books is amazing. They also have tons, and tons of educational as well as leisure DVDs, children's audiobooks, and children's book packs (book + accessories - like puppets, or toys that coordinate with the book). I don't even think I'm exaggerating if I challenge that this library has more books to choose from than Barnes and Noble.

They also have tons of stuff for kids to do. They have a playroom where they also have Baby & Me story time (Tuesdays at 10:30 am) and Family Story time (Thursdays at 10:30 am), complete with music, dancing, sing alongs, felt stories, puppets, and books of course. When the playroom is not in use for story time, the room is filled with puzzles, puppets, animal figures, sensory boards, and other fun things.

Throughout the children's area, you can find educational and sensory toys placed throughout. They also have tons of kid sized furniture all over for the kids to sit and read at, as well as bean bag chairs!

In the toddler/baby book area you can also find a mini kitchen filled with play food, plates, bowls, etc. as well as a little toddler table for "dining."

Another nice thing they have are family bathrooms (complete with kid sized toilets) and "comfort" rooms where moms can nurse, and their other children can play while waiting. These rooms have comfortable big arm chairs, and toys in them, as well as trash cans. Very practical and thoughtful. I also use these rooms just to change Noelle sometimes because she doesn't really enjoy being changed on the diaper changer in the bathroom.

Hungry? Another perk of course is that the Roseville library is connected to a full Dunns Brothers coffee shop which also serves food, treats and snacks.

Noelle and I have been going to the Roseville library since she was a little baby, but now that she is older she appreciates it so much more. She could spend hours here. I highly recommend this place for a free, fun morning or afternoon!

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  1. Sweet! We will definitely be checking that out! Thanks for the heads up :)


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