December 1, 2012

Holiday Season is Here! 2012

This Thanksgiving was a low key one for The Wagners. We celebrated the holiday at Joey's sister Staci's house by (of course) eating a huge feast and then lounged around while the kids ran around outside enjoying the first snowfall of the year.

Noelle with Grandma Sue!

The kids!

Ava and Noelle didn't really care to look out the window at the other kids climbing...

Walking with Ellie!

The kids playing in the snow!

We also put up the Christmas tree at our house, which seems more fun this year than any year in the past. Having Noelle as a one year old this Christmas makes the holiday seem much more festive! She loves the tree and touches it every day and loves the ornaments. It's so fun to see everything from her point of view.

This year's new ornament.

Last year's.

Noelle waking up to the Christmas tree!

"Wow, what IS that!?"


Noelle also went to see Santa, which was hilarious. Last year she was only a month old and really didn't know that it even happened since she slept through the whole thing. This year I tried to prep her with videos of Santa and books. She was pretty excited to see Santa and was smiling at him and walking towards him but the second that I stepped out of the picture so that they got snap a photo, Noelle freaked out. I then was asked to sit in on the picture, which produced a few better shots, but 1. I really didn't want to be in the picture and 2. the picture of her screaming was just priceless. I had to have that one.

We are already having so much fun and looking forward to the rest of the season!

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