December 6, 2012

Change Is The Only Consistency!

Our lives are always ever changing, so I thought I'd do a little recap of the past couple months!
Joey and I ended our summer with a bang, and I left my job as the toddler teacher! Although I love teaching and being surrounded by little ones my heart yearned to be with my own toddler. I missed Noelle so much and had a hard time letting her go to daycare. After she was in daycare for a month (and caught illness after illness) we ended up pulling her out and I went down to part time to be with her in the morning, then Joey would come home and be with her in the evening. Although this worked out, I started looking into nannying once again. Everyone that knows me knows how much I loved being a nanny (that's all I've done for the past few years) so it was only natural to go back down that road. A lovely family ended up contacting me and once we met we knew we were a good fit. Number one reason? Because they were looking for a nanny that had a child for their children to interact with, and I was looking for a family willing to let me bring Noelle! Perfect!

Noelle and Evan singing a duet at Target!

Hammering away!

The family has two cute, cute, cute boys who are 2 years old and 4 months old (Evan and Amery). Noelle comes with me each day and we all spend the day together doing arts and crafts, singing songs, playing, going to the library, and going for long walks through the woods. I get to do what a I love, and I get to be the mom that I wanted to be to my daughter. It couldn't be better! The kids love each other like siblings and Noelle is so comfortable at their home.

Noelle and Evan building - a favorite pastime that we do each day.

Time for arts and crafts!

Noelle and Amery! She just loves him!

It's also a wonderful job for me since it allows me to also make time for my classes. I am on my third to last class before I will be done with the MAI program at Saint Mary's! I'm excited to be so close to having my Masters degree, but no longer in a hurry to get through the program. I used to take 3-5 classes at a time, but now I'm taking my time since I want to be home with Noelle until she's in school herself, or at least older.

Everything happens for a reason! Feeling great about our current changes! More soon!

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