November 6, 2012


One year ago from today I went to the hospital to have my baby two weeks prior to her due date. She came the day before a huge final exam I needed to take and had prayed she would arrive after. While she came literally, right before I wanted her to, she did wait until her Grandma Tuyet flew into town. My mom had arrived Saturday evening at 9 pm, and my water broke Sunday morning at 6 am. This girl inconvenienced her mother, but was still smart enough to wait for Grandma’s arrival. Smart little troublemaker. She’s been this way ever since.

This past year Joey and I have been through the wild roller coaster called Parenthood for the first time. Complete with multiple trips in the first weeks for her jaundice, dealing with her colic for months, acid reflux, dairy and soy allergies, endless hours bouncing her on the yoga ball, hair ripping-tearful phone calls to our parents (me), incoherent screams for mercy in the middle of the night (Joey)...we were about to give her away!

That feeling lasted only for a few minutes each time until she would sigh in her sleep like an angel, then one day smiled, then one day laughed, then one day pulled on our legs and said “dada” or “mama.” While she could (can, to be accurate), be difficult, she also melted our hearts and opened up our eyes and mind to a whole new world. A world where she is the center and we just live for her.

You are our everything. You make us laugh, you make us cry, you make us work really, really hard on very little sleep...We wouldn’t trade you in for anything. Thank you for arriving one year ago today and blessing our lives and hearts. You teach us lessons in patience, parenting, and love. Every day with you is the best day ever.
Mommy & Daddy

Happy First Birthday Noelle!

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