November 6, 2012

One Year; Entering Toddlerhood

New things she can do:
Pull herself up and stand unassisted.
 Walk with assistance (from adults or push toys).
Take a few steps all alone!
Sucks baby food out of pouch packets.
Sings (into a microphone and everything).
Stacks cups according to size.
Beginning to sort shapes.
Beginning to use a spoon.
Turns pages in books.
Feeds her baby doll.

New loves:
Push toys.
Climbing on everything.
Her kitchen and play food.
Her baby doll.
Sorting things.
Sensory balls.

New dislikes:
Parents leaving.
Taking medicine.

21 pounds.
30 inches.
Size 4 diapers.
Size 4 shoes.
12-18 month clothes.
6 teeth.

New words:
Mama (finally)!
Baah. (Grandpa.)
Duh. (Dog.)
Cat. (Don't know how or why.)

Hand, foot, mouth disease.
Third ear infection.

Finds hilarious:
Dad getting physically hurt.
Climbing on the stairs.
Dad mimicking her when she cries.
Rolling all over the living room.

New favorite foods:
Grilled cheese.

Terrible thanks to teething.
10-11 hours a night, waking up average of 3x.
1-2 naps a day.
On belly with butt in the air.

Personality traits:

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