October 8, 2012

Autumn Has Arrived!

My favorite time of year is here...Autumn! The fall season is filled with my favorite things...cooler, but not cold, weather, sweatshirts, jeans, boots, bonfires, trees changing color, and now it's also the season in which Noelle's birthday is in! We have a lot to look forward to this season and have already done some fun things this past weekend to ring in October! Welcome Autumn!

On Friday, the 5th, we attended my friend Carissa (the photographer)'s wedding in Minneapolis with Noelle tagging along. It was the first time we took her to a wedding and she did great! She took a late nap that day and was all ready to party. Carissa's wedding was gorgeous! It was very swanky and modern, and of course the bride looked beautiful. Noelle had a blast and was cracking everyone up with her enthusiastic clapping during each song and even enjoyed some time out on the dance floor with mom. It was a late night for all of us (out till 10 pm, oh my) but we had a wonderful time and were blessed to be able to share Carissa and her husband Eliseo's wedding day!

Noelle with Carissa! Don't be fooled by the random yawn. Noelle was rocking out all night!

Mom, Noelle, and Dawn. 

The bride and groom's first dance!

Carissa & Eliseo.

Noelle watching everyone on the dance floor, with daddy.

"DJ! That is NOT the song I requested!"

Noelle, not sure if she would rather dance or eat. (Sorry for the neck strain.)

Saturday night we also kept busy by having Frankie Jo sleepover! This was Noelle and Frankie's second slumber party and they had fun as usual, watching Baby Einstein, snacking on cereal puffs and taking each other's toys away from each other. Noelle and I had also gone toy shopping on Saturday for a gift for our friend Gavin. Noelle picked out a monster truck for him but decided she really wanted one herself. After playing in the toy car/truck aisle at Target for some time, I gave in and decided that she could get a monster truck as an early birthday present. She and Frankie had a blast playing with the trucks. Good to see the girls have some toughness in them!

Noelle: Come and get it.
Frankie: I'm trying, I'm trying.

"New truck, meet old truck."

Girls with their trucks.

Sunday we wrapped up our busy first weekend in October with our friend Gavin's 1st birthday party! Here are some pictures from the party, which we attended along with our other friends Dawn and Willow! For more pictures from the Hungry Caterpillar themed party, click here.

Watching Gavin open presents.

Sitting on Mark's lap...no stranger anxiety here!

Heather and Gavin!

"Let me show you how these work. I just played with mine all morning."

Happy 1st Birthday Gavin!

It was a great start to Autumn and we are excited for all the fun things that are coming our way; including Noelle's first Halloween, Noelle's 1st Birthday, Auntie Heather and Auntie Susan's Birthdays, and Thanksgiving!

More later,

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