October 6, 2012

11 Months

Noelle here, reporting from Fort Wagner. This past month has been pretty decent. My mom started working what they call "part time" which is neat because now I get to be home with her again all morning! It's way more fun than daycare was. She makes me laugh all morning. Then around my nap time my dad comes in to trade places with her. After my nap, my dad likes to put blocks on his head, or stack cups really high and let's me knock them over. We do this about 500 times in a row, or until mom gets home...whatever comes first. It's pretty cool. 

"Why isn't anything coming out of these!?"

Picking out some new reading material!

This month I had play dates with Harrison, Gavin, Willow, Anya and my new friend Evan. My mom also took me to my first "Baby & Me" story time at the library which was sweet. They had all these new cool toys for me to chew on and also tons of board books for me to throw around. The librarian lady was really cool too, she was singing songs and reading all these books to us. Mom promised me that we would go every week. 

Following Gavin up the slide!

Sigh. Not everything is peaches and cream over here. I woke up one day hacking and although I tried to play it cool, my mom still took me to the doctor. I guess her instincts were right because it turned out to be an ear infection again and the doctor said if my mom hadn't brought me in, it could have turned into pneumonia! Whew. Good job, mom.

"Love U mom, for taking care of me!"

"Why play with toys when there are BOXES?"

I've been trying pretty hard to communicate to my parents this past month. It's getting frustrating that they still can't tell between my "AHH" cry, "WAAAH" cry and "WAH" cry. I don't know what their problem is but I decided that I would try to speak their language. I'm not going to lie, English is not easy, but I'm trying my best. I love using "baa" frequently to request for my bottle, ask for my ball, beg for my blanket or say bye. It's always good to keep them guessing. My parents are also "signing" with me...good luck with that.

Playing with Ty and Bennet!

I've really grown attached to my friend Giraffe. He's so dependable. Anytime I feel bad, sad, hungry, sleepy, grouchy...he's there for me. I just stick the pacifier that is stuck to his head (weird) into my mouth and I feel much better. 

I think my mom is getting lazy or something because she doesn't feed me from a spoon much anymore. She's always cutting things up and putting them in front of me. I mean, I guess I'll feed myself, but geesh, as if that woman's job is that hard. Speaking of eating, I've discovered that I really, really like breakfast foods, just like my mom. And I also love anything flavored with cinnamon. I eat lots of it. Maybe that's why I'm so sweet. (And modest.)

"Hmmm french toast! Yum yum!"

My mom and dad have continued on with their lessons in cuisine. I think they want me to be really cultured in food because I think I've been to every restaurant within 40 miles of our house. I'm getting really used to sitting in those uncomfortable wooden high chairs and eating off the table. I also get a lot of compliments when I go out, so that's been really good for my ego.

"What's that guy having? I'll take that." - At The Flame

"Grandpa, thanks for dinner!" - At Red Robin

"What do you mean I can't have shellfish until I'm 1?" - At Red Lobster

Watching the game. - At Chili's.

I discovered this month that if I hit my hands together deliberately it's called "clapping." It's so amazing. Whenever I do it my parents both start cheering me on and praise me a ton. So now I like to do it often. I also like to wave goodbye to people. I usually accompany these waves with that same "baa." It totally psychs my parents out and they start telling me how proud they are of me. I love it!

"NO! It's NOT fun being me!"

I discovered another new thing to do with my legs this month too. So now after I pull myself up on furniture, I actually walk along it. It's so great. I can go to places I'm not suppose to, and reach things that I never could before, like remotes, drinks, cell phones... I also like to climb on furniture as well much to my parent's dismay. For example the other day I climbed up the side of my crib and knocked the video camera off the table. That's what they get for spying on me. I also can now push my toys across the floor, on my legs! Not just on my knees, but I balance on my feet and everything! I get so excited about this new skill that I can't contain my laughter while I do it!

I finally got another tooth, a canine on the top. I really wish these things would hurry up, because it's really hard to chew with only two teeth. I can feel that 4 of them are coming in on top, which makes for some hard nights, but it will be worth it. All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth.


Because of my teething situation, I haven't been able to sleep very well at night. Can you blame me? You would wake up screaming in the middle of the night too if you were growing teeth. Anyways, it's been pretty ugly for everyone under our roof. Dad mentioned that this is a lot like "before" and said "she's back to her old ways." Whatever that means.

You know, my birthday is coming up in a month. I'm trying really hard to relay to my parents that I want a dog. Those creatures are so cool. They lick off all the food and snot that's stuck on my face and they eat all the food that I throw on the floor. They also are so cuddling and warm. I love every single dog I meet. Especially grandpa's dogs and my friend Evan's dog. I overheard my mom saying that we will never be dog owners. I'm trying to convince her by saying "duh" every time I see one. Maybe if I impress her enough she will cave in.

Speaking of my birthday, my Grandma Tuyet and Grandpa Bau are coming up for my birthday! I'm super excited for them to see me, since I have grown so much bigger and smarter since they saw me last! Last time they saw me, I was only 2 months old!

So that's all I got folks. Come again next month to hear more about the excitement that is my life!


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