October 31, 2012

Baby's 1st Halloween!

It's funny to think that last Halloween, Noelle wasn't even born yet! This marks her first fall and first Halloween! Mom has of course, enjoyed the season greatly, while Noelle seems pretty indifferent to the festivities! Nonetheless, we partake in all of them!

Noelle at the Pumpkin Patch at Pine Tree apple orchard!

"What is this giant vegetable?"

A little less than thrilled to be posing for pictures.

This year we also went to Zoo Boo with some of our friends and it was a blast. I already am excited for next year when Noelle is a little older and can actually enjoy candy and get excited about meeting characters!

Willow and Noelle at Zoo Boo! Click here for more pics.

In her pumpkin tutu at Grandpa Joe's!

We also went to the library's Halloween Party this past Monday which was fun! I took Noelle and her friend Evan to the event which included Halloween story time, a pumpkin hunt throughout the library, and then treats, coloring pumpkins, and a Halloween show. Noelle probably could have stayed there all day!

Evan and Noelle enjoying the stories.

They wanted to pick out their own books!

Eating treats with the other kids!


Although my original idea was to take Noelle trick or treating, we ended up deciding against it this year, since she was a little more tired than usual tonight and we figured she couldn't eat the candy anyways (and we would, which is bad)! We passed out candy instead which was still fun since she got to see other kids dressed up.


So happy! 

Grandpa Joe and Grandma Shel stopped by to see their favorite tiger!

This past month has been so fun and I can't wait to do these things again next year when our little baby is a little toddler! I also can't wait to take her out for her first real trick or treating outing. It's crazy to think next year she could be running through the yards, excited for candy!

I can't believe October has already come and gone, but I'm super excited for the following months! Noelle's birthday is coming up fast, Thanksgiving and than Christmas! So fun. More soon!

October 20, 2012

Zoo Boo! 2012

We went to Zoo Boo today with our friends and had a blast! Noelle spent 50% of the time in awe, wonder, and confusion and the other 50% of the time smiling up a storm and clapping her hands in excitement. It was fun to get out, walk through the zoo, see our friends, and get some fresh, crisp, fall air. Afterwards we stopped by Joey's sister Staci's halloween party where Noelle took her first attempt at walking across a room! She made 10 steps before collapsing but that's the most she's ever done! What a day! She is passed out asleep now and mom and dad are not so far behind her!

Click on the picture to see it larger!

The girls with their babes!

Zoe holding onto Noelle, awww.

Daddy's girl pumpkin.

We had to get this picture; Noelle loves dogs!

Willow and Noelle are just thrilled!

"Lady, that is one big apple."

Having a little tea party with Alice in Wonderland!

Princess Noelle!

Zoe could have stayed there all day talking to the characters!

Noelle loves giraffes, despite what this picture may depict.

After Noelle got a rice krispie bar, she wouldn't let it go. It is in her hand in every picture after this one. 

"I'm the smallest, cutest, little pumpkin!"

Meeting Dorothy, the Wicked Witch and Glinda the good witch. Made Zoe's day, month, possibly year.

Time for a little snack break.

Pet cemetery. Heard one little girl cry "Mommy! Those animals are DEAD!" So funny!

Meeting the garden fairy was much scarier for Noelle than Santa and the Easter bunny. She almost started crying! Sorry garden fairy.

Obsessed with this rice krispie bar. She held it in her hand for 30 minutes. At least!

Star Wars! Possibly the best part of the whole event!

Yay for Zoo Boo! So excited for next year already!

October 8, 2012

Autumn Has Arrived!

My favorite time of year is here...Autumn! The fall season is filled with my favorite things...cooler, but not cold, weather, sweatshirts, jeans, boots, bonfires, trees changing color, and now it's also the season in which Noelle's birthday is in! We have a lot to look forward to this season and have already done some fun things this past weekend to ring in October! Welcome Autumn!

On Friday, the 5th, we attended my friend Carissa (the photographer)'s wedding in Minneapolis with Noelle tagging along. It was the first time we took her to a wedding and she did great! She took a late nap that day and was all ready to party. Carissa's wedding was gorgeous! It was very swanky and modern, and of course the bride looked beautiful. Noelle had a blast and was cracking everyone up with her enthusiastic clapping during each song and even enjoyed some time out on the dance floor with mom. It was a late night for all of us (out till 10 pm, oh my) but we had a wonderful time and were blessed to be able to share Carissa and her husband Eliseo's wedding day!

Noelle with Carissa! Don't be fooled by the random yawn. Noelle was rocking out all night!

Mom, Noelle, and Dawn. 

The bride and groom's first dance!

Carissa & Eliseo.

Noelle watching everyone on the dance floor, with daddy.

"DJ! That is NOT the song I requested!"

Noelle, not sure if she would rather dance or eat. (Sorry for the neck strain.)

Saturday night we also kept busy by having Frankie Jo sleepover! This was Noelle and Frankie's second slumber party and they had fun as usual, watching Baby Einstein, snacking on cereal puffs and taking each other's toys away from each other. Noelle and I had also gone toy shopping on Saturday for a gift for our friend Gavin. Noelle picked out a monster truck for him but decided she really wanted one herself. After playing in the toy car/truck aisle at Target for some time, I gave in and decided that she could get a monster truck as an early birthday present. She and Frankie had a blast playing with the trucks. Good to see the girls have some toughness in them!

Noelle: Come and get it.
Frankie: I'm trying, I'm trying.

"New truck, meet old truck."

Girls with their trucks.

Sunday we wrapped up our busy first weekend in October with our friend Gavin's 1st birthday party! Here are some pictures from the party, which we attended along with our other friends Dawn and Willow! For more pictures from the Hungry Caterpillar themed party, click here.

Watching Gavin open presents.

Sitting on Mark's lap...no stranger anxiety here!

Heather and Gavin!

"Let me show you how these work. I just played with mine all morning."

Happy 1st Birthday Gavin!

It was a great start to Autumn and we are excited for all the fun things that are coming our way; including Noelle's first Halloween, Noelle's 1st Birthday, Auntie Heather and Auntie Susan's Birthdays, and Thanksgiving!

More later,
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