September 6, 2012

10 Months - Entering Double Digit Territory

Only two more short months before our little booger turns one year old!

New things she can do: 
Drink from a sippy cup successfully.
Climb up stairs.
Turn on/off the TV and DVD player. Sigh. 
Understands "hi" and "bye" and waves accordingly.
Assists in clothing removal.


Current loves:
All Baby Einstein DVDs.
Her grandparents.
Being nude.
Splashing in water.
Playing in her crib.
Dirty shoes.
Her paci giraffe.

Current dislikes:
Getting dressed and diaper changes.
Getting her hands and face washed.
Anything touching her hands. Absolutely no hand holding.
Being told "no."

"Call me maybe?"

19 pounds. (Average.)
29 inches. (Tall.)
Size 4 diapers.
Size 3 shoes. (Tiny feet.)
12-18 month clothes.
2 teeth.

First time being sick! (First ear infection. So sad!) Daddy was sick too.

Trying out some new flavors.

First illnesses (ever):
Ear infection.
Fifth's disease.
Start of pink eye.
- Thank you daycare.

Finds hilarious:
Mom dancing.
Dad hurdling over toys.
Falling down in crib. On purpose.
Being biten all over her arms.
Being barked at.

Favorite foods:
French toast.
Chicken and sausage.
Cereal puffs.

10-11 hours a night.
1-2 naps a day (1-2 hours).
On belly.

Personality traits:
Not scared of anything or anyone. (Except for hair washing.)
Not a picky eater.
Very happy.
Very friendly.

Love you Noelle Belle! Happy 10 Months!

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