August 9, 2012

Switching of the Sleeping Chambers

About two months back we switched our bedroom with Noelle's, giving her the master bedroom. It's worked out fantastic and also makes more sense to give her a larger space to play and to hoard all her toys. 

The princess needed the larger closet anyways...

 The shadow box I made her with her hospital bracelet and first hat finally has a home!

A little cluttered until mom and dad figure out how to reorganize the furniture, but still cute!

Toys, toys, toys.

So much more space to crawl now!

Cute ballerina wall decals mom found for a discount!

Books & memory box!

This little princess is no Cinderella...she has her larger, better bedroom while her parents sleep in the smaller room! ;)

Don't mind the mess! We are busy, tired parents! ;)

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