August 6, 2012

Happy 9 Months!

She crawls! Everywhere. And she's a bulldozer. She does not crawl around things, she crawls through them.

She eats! Everything. (Some of the new items include tofu, hummus, french toast, and mandarin oranges to name a few.)

She's huge! Which would make sense, since she eats everything.

She speaks! Just kidding, it's still only "dada."

She rides in a "big kid" carseat now!

She holds her bottle all by herself! Thank goodness, about time!

She has a tooth! Yes, one little cute tooth! :)

She loves music! She "sings" and her favorite toys are her drum, harmonica, and tamburine!

She waves!

She drinks out of a sippy cup!

She likes to play with shoes and in her closet! Girly?

She stands! And falls.

She starts school! TODAY!

Happy 9 Months Noelle!
Love you!

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