August 9, 2012

Switching of the Sleeping Chambers

About two months back we switched our bedroom with Noelle's, giving her the master bedroom. It's worked out fantastic and also makes more sense to give her a larger space to play and to hoard all her toys. 

The princess needed the larger closet anyways...

 The shadow box I made her with her hospital bracelet and first hat finally has a home!

A little cluttered until mom and dad figure out how to reorganize the furniture, but still cute!

Toys, toys, toys.

So much more space to crawl now!

Cute ballerina wall decals mom found for a discount!

Books & memory box!

This little princess is no Cinderella...she has her larger, better bedroom while her parents sleep in the smaller room! ;)

Don't mind the mess! We are busy, tired parents! ;)


People always said transitions were hard.

The hardest transition I've come across wasn't one for Noelle, but for me. As many of you know I started work this week. I knew it was going to be difficult going from being a stay at home mother to a working mother. I spent most of last week feeling mournful about leaving Noelle in the hands of someone else during the day but rationalized and convinced myself it would get better and easier with time.

I'm waiting for that time to come, because a week in is certainly not enough time yet! Going from being at home with Noelle to going to work as been a very hard adjustment for me.

I can't get over the fact that while someone else gets to watch my child, play with my child and in some ways raise, teach and shape my child, I am in another room doing that for other children. It breaks my heart. I love to teach, don't get me wrong. And I love kids. Everyone knows this. But being away from Noelle crushes me. Although I know she's in wonderful, caring hands, that will give her hugs, feed her and play with her, they aren't my hands.

Hopefully the transition gets easier for me, since it has been no problem for Noelle. Noelle has taken naps at school each day this week, ate all her meals, taken her bottles with no problem and already loves her teachers, classroom and new friends. When I walk past her classroom door and peek at her, she always has a smile on her face and is thoroughly enjoying herself. It makes me so happy to see her happy, but also sad because I am not there with her to enjoy every experience and moment. I guess I need to swallow it, and let my baby grow.

Love you so much Noelle. Didn't know that mommy was going to take it so hard separating from you! Enjoy your first year of "school" my baby.

August 6, 2012

Happy 9 Months!

She crawls! Everywhere. And she's a bulldozer. She does not crawl around things, she crawls through them.

She eats! Everything. (Some of the new items include tofu, hummus, french toast, and mandarin oranges to name a few.)

She's huge! Which would make sense, since she eats everything.

She speaks! Just kidding, it's still only "dada."

She rides in a "big kid" carseat now!

She holds her bottle all by herself! Thank goodness, about time!

She has a tooth! Yes, one little cute tooth! :)

She loves music! She "sings" and her favorite toys are her drum, harmonica, and tamburine!

She waves!

She drinks out of a sippy cup!

She likes to play with shoes and in her closet! Girly?

She stands! And falls.

She starts school! TODAY!

Happy 9 Months Noelle!
Love you!

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