July 18, 2012

Little Bee Goes to The Eagle's Nest!

This past Monday Noelle went on a little play date with Harrison to The Eagle's Nest in New Brighton. She loved it so much Joey and I ended up taking her there again tonight! Here are pictures from Monday, her first time there.

"Hmm...where has mother brought me to today?"

She was obsessed with this toy, although she has about 4 toys just like this at home!

Such a great little tree house! Joey wants to get one for her!

In the treehouse with Harrison!

She loves these things.

"Yes, I think I'll stand up right here, right now."

Sucha big girl.

"Wow, stairs that I'm allowed to climb?!"

"Hey, whose that cutie!?"

"OH it's ME!"

"Mom, I love this. Please take it off this wall and bring it home."

"Wow this ball pit is way bigger than the one at home!"

"I've fallen and I can't get up!"

In the firetruck with Harrison!

Vroom vroom!

"You want me to go through THAT?"

"Hi mom! I didn't know you were on the other side!"

"Okay Harrison! I'm goin' in!"



"I can do this. I can do this."

"Oh hi, how'd you get here?"

Here's a video of her going through the tunnel, well, sort of:

In the jumpy house.

She loved it and I think we will be making it a weekly routine in our household from now on!

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