July 3, 2012

Fun in the Sun! - June Recap

June was a busy month for us full of fun things, including many birthday parties (six birthdays to be exact!), lots of trips to the pool, the playground, graduation parties, and Joey's first Father's Day!

Here are some pictures from June!

This is Joey and Noelle out at the Dellwood Country Club for Kenzie's grad party!

Us with cousins Ellie, Ava and the girl of honor, Kenzie!

The happiest Noelle was all night was when I finally let her sit by herself and play with my bracelets!

With Grandma Shel!

Joey spent the morning of his first Father's Day having a jam session with his friends and fellow fathers, Jon and Stitch, then we celebrated by going to his sister Heather's house to barbeque, hot tub and jet ski with the family. Although it ended up raining most of the day, and at one point we got caught in pouring cold rain while we were in the hot tub, it was a successfully fun day!

Joey was really impressed with Noelle's wrap job!

Noelle's special Father's Day outfit!

"Here daddy, I'll help you read the card."

What could it be?

In Heather's hot tub on Father's Day!

"Oh, so I have to compete with you for the 'spoiled brat' title eh?"

Ellie and Vivi!

With Danielle in front of the bouncy house! (Yes, she did go in it, and yes, she LOVED it!)

All dressed up for Lexi's birthday party...but too lady like to touch the icky grass.

Lexi opening up her present from Noelle! - A bikini Barbie and Barbie Pool!

Happy 2nd Birthday Lexi!

Lexi, Danielle and Noelle!

At the pool with mommy!

Hanging out with my cousins at Grandma Sue's!

Celebrating great Grandma Libby's birthday!

June was great and I have a feeling July will be even better! :)

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