July 7, 2012

Cabin Fever!

This 4th of July we went up to Sue and Don's cabin on Mille Lacs for the first time this year for a 4 day vacation, and Noelle's first time ever! Joey and I have spent many, many weekends and holidays at the cabin so it's awesome to start the tradition with Noelle!

Noelle waking up at the cabin for the first time! Ready for some breakfast!

Trying some french toast! Yummy!

Don with Cash...not sure if Cash is enjoying this or not!

Cory's expresso machine - making gourmet Corbucks at the cabin!

Erin and Cory diligently working on their 550 piece puzzle.

Ellie with mud all over her leg after a dirty four wheeler ride!

Gracie and Noelle!

Washing off all the grim!

Ellie riding with her "babies."

Nik in Sue's new kitchen at the cabin! So nice!

Noelle surprised us all by adjusting to the cabin immediately. She slept in a pack and play (which she has only ever done once before) soundly and went down easily for all her usual naps and bedtime. She absolutely loved the cabin. She loved the outdoors, being with her family, playing in the pool, sitting in the grass and swimming in the lake. 

Miss Noelle ready for a dip in the water!

Gracie and Ellie hard at work putting Noelle's pool together. Such sweet cousins!

Enjoying her pool!

Noelle and Auntie Susan!

Gracie, Ellie, Noelle, and I on the dock.

Grandma Sue with her grandkids!

Noelle skinny dipping (or chunky dunking in her case)!

Possibly the happiest we have ever seen her! 

Ava and Nik!

Now it's Parker's turn!

Noelle enjoying the lake.

The kids catching crabs!

It's funny because last 4th of July when we were at the cabin, was the first time I felt Noelle kick in my belly. This year, Noelle took her first attempts at crawling at the cabin! 

Noelle - cabin girl all the way!

Gracie and Noelle on the four wheeler!


Noelle taking a bath in the kitchen! First time for everything!

Second morning at the cabin...so stinkin' happy to be here!

Good morning beautiful girls!

Ellie, Noelle, Susan and Ava!

The family hanging out.

Daddy and Noelle enjoying some time by the water.

Noelle in the jumper!


Uno! It's tradition!

Shooting BB guns at beer cans!

Yep, I did it too!

Grandma joined in the fun!

Ava's first time shooting!

Happy cabin girl!

Grandma's cabin garden!

Noelle's stone that she gave grandma last Christmas!

Taking some of her first crawls at the cabin!

The kids!

Joey and Noelle enjoying the morning, day 3.

Hanging out with mama!

Mommy laying out!

Noelle snoozing soundly.

Daddy and Noelle.

Joey carrying the flag.

It was a wonderful family trip for us. We can't wait to take Noelle back up to the cabin!

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