July 7, 2012

8 Month Stats

Age: 8 Months
Clothing size: 12-18 Months
Diaper size: 4
Physical development: Sitting, rolling, kneeling, going from stomach to sitting, army crawl, and rocking on all fours.
Teeth: None.
First and only word: "Dada."

New talents: Rolling of the tounge, picking up foods and feeding self, and drinking water through a straw.
Favorite thing to eat, that mom allows: Macaroni and cheese, and rice.
Favorite thing to eat, that mom does not allow: Paper.
Bottles: 4/day

Currently enjoying: Being in the pool, being pushed in the buggy, swinging at the park, the outdoors, and Baby Einstein videos.
Currently despising: Getting dressed, getting face and hands wiped, and wearing sunhats.

Napping: 2x a day - AM/PM for 1-2 hours.
Sleeping: Normally 10-11 hours at night with one feeding.

Seperation/stranger anxiety: None/None.
Firsts: Father's Day4th of July, Back to the 50s, trip to the cabin.

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