June 6, 2012

Guess Whose 7 Months Already!?

Hi everyone! Guess what? I'm 7 months today! I can now sit up all by myself! I sit up nice and straight in my high chair, on the ground to play alone and in my bath tub! I can roll from my stomach to my back now too, although I don't do it often. I'm also pretty independent now. I like to keep to myself mostly. I love my parents but when they try to hold my hand, I swat them away, because frankly I don't need them to hold me anymore! I'm a big girl now! I'm also pretty big in size...I'm wearing all 12 month clothes now, which really made mommy sad because that meant she had to pack a lot of clothes away, but I can't help it!

Here I am riding my car. I love riding around in circles and honking my horn!

 The geese need to get out of my way!

Maybe I am such a big girl because I eat everything! And when I say everything, I mean everything. Mommy feeds me all sorts of fruits, vegetables and new solids like rick rusks, macaroni and cheese, oatmeal, turkey, rice, some soft breads and itty bitty pieces of table foods (like yummy pancakes) and I love them all! I even like my green veggies now too! I love food, just like my mommy. (If my teeth would hurry up and come in, I could eat even more food!)

I'm patiently waiting for those teeth...until they come in I plan on continuing to drool and chew on everything.

Daddy got mommy a new bike for Mother's Day so mommy and I went on a big garage sale hunt for a bike trailer and mommy found one! Now I go on long bike rides with mommy and daddy, sometimes even for an hour and I really like it. I love when the breeze hits my face, it makes me giggle!

My great Uncle Phong and Uncle Thien also came to visit us and meet me this month! I really liked them...they gave me lots of hugs, cuddles and carried me around all night. I felt special and spoiled! Uncle Phong gave me a toy too - a shape sorter, which now I play with all the time! They live in California and Michigan (respectively) and I really want to visit them. I'm hoping mommy will take me sometime this summer.

Aunt Tam, Uncle Phong, Uncle Thien, Me, Mommy, Cousin TiTi

Mommy and daddy took me to the Larkin spring recital. They went once by themselves and left me home with my great cousin Brianna, but the next night they let me go too! It was really cool to see my big cousins dance. I sat really still for the first few numbers but then I got restless and made mommy and daddy leave early. They should know better than taking me out at my bedtime!

Look at mommy's pretty necklace she got! You can get your customized mommy jewelry here!

Mommy had a really good first Mother's Day courtesy of daddy. Dad spent the whole day with me so mommy could get her nails done and take a nap. Daddy got mommy a new Canon camera too so that she can take even more pictures of me! We also went to Uncle Nik's for a barbeque on Mother's Day which was fun - daddy skipped my afternoon nap though, so I got really crabby.

My Mother's Day attire!

Guess what else? Daddy's friend Krist lent him an awesome electric drum set so that daddy can practice at home! Daddy is so happy because now he can finally play the drums in our townhouse (he can't play his real drums because they are too loud!) and mommy is happy because now daddy doesn't have to leave to practice. He's home a lot more with us now and that makes us all happy. I love it when daddy plays for me.

Daddy really rocks out!

Mommy is really excited right now because my hair is starting to come in a lot! I used to be bald but lately mommy massages my scalp during my baths and she thinks that helps my hair grow in faster and thicker! Mommy's so silly! 

Check out this cool ball pit mommy got me. I LOVE IT.

At the library!

I did some other stuff too for the very first time. Mommy took me to the zoo with "Auntie" Annie and we went through the conservatory, park and saw all the animals! I liked the sea lions since they swam and jumped out of the water a lot. They were more fun to watch than all the other animals, because they were all sleeping! I was pretty bored. 

At the sunken garden with mommy.

Auntie Annie, mommy and me.

I went to my very first car show with daddy and mommy too this past month! I did a lot of people watching and got to see many, many cars. Of course, grandpa's was my favorite. 

Splashing away in my kiddie pool!

Mom took me to an outdoor pool for the first time too! I've only been to the inside water park and in my kiddie pool so this was different for me! I loved it! I splashed around in my floaties. It was really fun except for the part when I swallowed some yucky water, but mom saved me and I recovered quickly. 

I wasn't sure how I felt about the pool at first...

but then I loved it!

So, it was a pretty good month for me. I didn't drive my parents crazy all 31 days (only about half of them), and I learned a lot of new things! I can't wait to see what awesome things happen next month! See you then!

Noelle aka Big Girl

P.S If you want to see more fabulous pictures of me click here! It will bring you to my new Fashionista page! ;)

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