June 26, 2012

Back to the 50s! - 2012

We were extremely proud and impressed with Noelle during her first weekend at 'Back to the 50s,' since she came out to the fair grounds three times! Joey and I go out there every year because his dad, Joe, always has cars in the show. Besides, Joey is a huge hot rod fan himself and loves looking at old cars. This year his brother Nik also had a car in the show!

Noelle also brought her car. ;)

The event kicked off on Friday the 21st and we made our way out there in the evening and enjoyed seeing Grandpa Joe and his cars, Uncle Nik and his car, The Holmboes (Joey's sister Staci's family) and the other cars out there. It was a beautiful, cool evening and Noelle didn't have any trouble staying up past her bedtime to enjoy herself.

Cousin Parker in Uncle Nik's car.

Nik & Noelle!

Noelle was a huge fan.

Grandpa Joe's Bug, Nik's car, Grandpa's old wagon, our friend Marlon's car, and Grandpa's Cadillac.

Grandpa with Noelle at her first 50s car show!

With mommy, checking out some pink rides!

Having a blast with daddy.

The next morning we went back out there early and stayed for almost five hours! This day we spent as our little family of 3, and walked the fair grounds alone, checking out all the sites as well as eating fair food! Noelle tried (a teeny tiny bit) of corn dog, mini donuts and ice cream! Needless to say, she was wiped out by the end of Saturday.

Sporting her 50s shirt that Grandpa got her!

First mini donuts!

Wasn't sure about the first taste...

Joey: "Noelle, this is a MI-NI DOUN-NUT. Very important."

In front of Herbie!

Uncle Nik's car! First time in the show!

Walking around with dad.

Mommy's gigantic lunch.

Mmmmm ice cream!

5 hours later.

Not one to miss a single day of the event, Joey dragged us out there again on Sunday for the annual swap meet. The really fun thing about this day was that we drove out in Joe's Cadillac! Noelle was defintely enjoying the ride and we could tell her brain was ticking, wondering why the ride seemed much different than normal! We made it for a couple hours at the fair grounds before Noelle declared that she was officially over the 50s.

In the back of Grandpa's Cadillac!

Dad cruisin.'

Nice ride Grandpa!

With Gracie!

Noelle showing off her car next to Grandpa's.

Cruisin' to the swap meet.

"What up peeps."

Grandpa's friend Gary's car.

Grandpa Joe's Bug.

Grandpa's Cadillac.

Just hanging out, people watching, car watching.

Alas, it was still an amazing weekend and we can't believe that our little booger made it through it all! Can't wait for next year!

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