May 6, 2012

Noelle's 6 Months!

Our baby is celebrating her first half birthday! Holy cow! She has been alive for half a year! It's so true what every single parent says about time flying when you have a kid.


Noelle had quite the last month, adjusting to new things, learning a lot and developing a lot. And we did too as parents, as it was a really eventful month for us!

Physically: Our child is becoming quite the moose! She has outgrown her swing and her feet dangle out of her car seat. We've had to pack away a lot of her clothes already since she's sporting 9-12 month sized clothes!

Here is diva wearing a 12 month outfit!

Developmentally: This girl is very social and can recognize people and places now. Even though she has preferences in who she is with, we are happy to find that she is good about going to lots of people and she doesn't have any attachment problems or separation anxiety (yet anyways). She's excellent with her hands and can actually pick up her pacifier and put it into her own mouth now. She can also pull her socks off, to our dismay. She does some new things now that are funny, like when she gets excited she starts making this weird "oh, oh, oh" sound and literally tries to spring out of your arms. She also makes the funniest faces when she eats food. You can tell exactly if the food is a little too tart for her or bitter because her whole face, including those expressionful eyebrows, grimaces.

Check out my jellies!

Going down the big slide with daddy!

Big Changes!
  • We switched Noelle from her hypoallergenic formula to normal cow's milk based formula! This is huge for us for many reasons, but mainly because now we don't have to worry about transitioning Noelle to cow's milk when she turns 1!
  • Her acid reflux is finally starting to improve! After 6 months of being on medication and getting her dosage increased, her spitting up is more under control and the reflux doesn't seem to be bothering her as much anymore.
  • Noelle gets her recommended amount of hours of sleep now, finally, after much needed sleep training! She no longer needs to be bounced, rocked or swaddled at night. We are the happiest parents in all the world!
  • Noelle eats like a regular baby now! She drinks milk every 3-4 hours, and has a "meal" between each bottle feeding, consisting of pureed fruits and veggies! Her favorites include: apples, pears, peaches, sweet potatoes, squash and prunes. She's not a fan of anything green. She reluctantly eats peas and despises and vomits green beans.

Trying peas for the first time.
  • She is starting to show us preferences and more of her temperament and personality! She apparently no longer likes her baths. She used to be in heaven when we gave her baths but now she screams during majority of it! And don't even think about wiping her face when she has food all over it or snot running out of her nose; she shrieks at the top of her lungs if you touch her with a wet cloth! Basically, she is a brat. Haha, just kidding. She loves to be read to now and has finally stopped staring at the TV (thank goodness). She also wiggles a lot during changes now, trying to get away from me and prefers to be nude. She also hates socks and rips them off so that she can put her toes in her mouth. 

  • Noelle had an eventful month, going to many social events including 4 birthday parties!

Noelle with Suchi at Anya's 2nd Birthday!

Anya and me. I'll always be her nanny at heart. :)
  • She also went to the water park at the community center for the very first time! She loved it, sitting in the water, standing in it, and being carried in the "deep" end with mommy. (We went there a second time, but she wasn't quite as enthusiastic the second time around, haha.) 

Her first time at the pool with mommy!

Loved it!

Getting ready to go to the pool for the second time!

Noelle may have not enjoyed being in the water this time, but she sure loved Evan!
  • Noelle, Grandma Sue, Auntie Heather and cousin Vivi and I went to a Just Between Friends consignment sale (um, amazing!) and found many new fun toys and books for an awesome deal! Can't wait until the next sale!

Noelle on her new rocking bug that Grandma Sue got her!
  • Frankie Jo started coming this month to our "daycare" and Noelle loves her new friend!

Frankie and Noelle at the park, just hanging out, literally.
  • Noelle had another professional photo shoot! We happened to stop by on the day the studio was taking pictures and Noelle unexpectedly was hauled into a picture with her cousins Ellie and Ava! Pleasant surprise. :) (Although mommy wishes she had known because she would have put Noelle in something that wasn't covered in squash puke!)

Noelle getting in on the picture with her cousins. She was a little confused and bewildered by all the lights and cameras!

The beautiful Wagner girls! Can't wait to see how the real picture turns out!
  • Noelle, Joey and I started going to our Saturday ECFE class which is kind of neat because dads attend this one and get to share their experiences too. (Although, I'll admit Joey isn't a fan. Haha.) We got our plates back too from the Make-A-Plate event we went to last month. 

This year's plates. I'm already excited to add to the collection with next years plates!

Overall it was a great last month. Joey and I had some trying times with our sleep deprivation, exhaustion and messy house but it all worked out. We learned a lot this month and really enjoyed watching Noelle grow in front of our eyes. We mostly learned to cherish our time as a family and let the small things pass. Within a few short weeks we feel as if Noelle is a new baby. It's amazing how quickly children grow and change in such a short amount of time. It's not worth it to stress about the small things because you'll miss all the great things your kid is doing! We can hardly believe that half a year has already passed since she was born. Wow. Looking forward to the next half!! :)

The Wagners

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